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ReConFort Publications

Sovereignty and Constitution: historical issues and contemporary perspectives / Sovranità e Costituzione: nodi storici e prospettive contemporanee

ISBN 987-88-6056-550-1, ISSN 1593-0793

This issue includes the contributions:

Ulrike Müßig, Introduction - The "invented" sovereignty  Available in Open Access here.

Ulrike Müßig, Coke’s ‘Tales’ about Sovereignty. Available in Open Access here.

John W.F. Allison, The Westminster Parliament’s Formal Sovereignty in Britain and Europe from a Historical Perspective.

Lord Robert Reed, Re-thinking the UK Constitution.

Luigi Lacchè, The Sovereignty of the Constitution. A historical Debate in a European Perspective.

Andreas Timmermann, Ulrike Müßig, Sovereignty doctrines in the constitutional debates around the Cádiz Cortes: Transition of monarchical sovereignty to national sovereignty? Available in Open Access here.

Bodie Alexander Ashton, Constitutionalism as a force of popular loyalty: Constitutional and unconstitutional Württemberg in the early nineteenth century. Available in Open access here.

Ida Ferrero, Rethinking the electoral and constitutional system: the works of Palma and Brunialti on the Norwegian constitution.

Matteo Zamboni, The Treatment of Italians Abroad in the Legal Opinions of the Consiglio del Contenzioso Diplomatico of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1861-1907).

Luigi Nuzzo, The remains of the sovereignty. Settlements and land governance in Tianjin.

Giacomo Demarchi, Sovereignty, autonomy, democracy: the spanish Estado integral of 1931 as a laboratory of contemporary regionalism.

Luigi Lacchè, On the Italian Style: The Eclectic Canon and the Relationship of Theory to Practice as key-elements of Italian Legal Culture (19th- 20th Centuries).

Ronald Car, The Antifa-Block chimera. In search of the form of government for a "better Weimar " in the Soviet Occupation Zone.

Roberto Valle, The faces of ideas. Dostoevskij, drawer artist, calligrapher and art critic.

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